Ever compared $3 a day to the cost
of just one hour of downtime? We have!  

To secure your data, we offer the best insurance for trouble - from server failures to worst- case catastrophes. Rely on our backup and disaster recovery solution to protect your most valuable informational assets and keep downtime at a minimum.

Our backup disaster and recovery solutions are affordably priced to safeguard the data that's vital to your day-to-day operations. Business continuity is assured with:

Near Real-time Backups & Flexible Restoration – “Incremental Forever” methodology captures all changes to the initial base image in 15-minute increments with all the data encrypted so that unauthorized access is not permitted.

On-site Standby Server – Server virtualization technology, embedded in the NAS device, provides quick access to servers and applications, typically in less than 30 minutes.

A Complete Image – Backups, performed at the block level, are unaffected by open files or databases, providing an exact digital replica of data from the on-site server.

Optional, Secure Remote Storage – There is optional offsite storage available at highly available, secure data centers. All the data is fully encrypted at the data centers as well.

24/7 completely Managed Solution – A 600-person Network Operations Center (NOC) monitors NAS units and attached servers 24/7. Engineers are alerted to failed processes and typically correct errors within minutes.

Bare-metal Restore Capabilities – A boot CD enables fast data restoration to any replacement server by eliminating the hardware abstraction layering process and allowing you to add the drivers needed for your new servers.

Recovery After a Disaster – Should a client lose their entire office – servers and on-site NAS – a newly imaged NAS device is over-nighted to your location.

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