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Now located in the Auburn Bel-Air center, ComputerEze has provided computer service in our Auburn retail store for over 12 years.  We are experts in helping you get the most out of your technology equipment.  We can provide service in our store, remotely (while you watch from the comfort of your home or office) or we can come to you home or office.                                                                                                                 


Our goal is to provide the excellent service and repair with honesty and integrity.  Our technicians are not commissioned and are dedicated to helping you in the most efficient way at the lowest cost.


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Business Systems: 
We specialize in building custom systems for business.  Because of our extensive experience servicing small and medium sized business we have become experts at building systems for stability and reliability.

Gaming Systems: 
If you are a gamer we can help build a system that will blow the doors off other systems.  If you are a serious gamer you will not be happy with an off the shelf system.

Bring your old system: 
We can bring your existing Windows or data over to your new system so that when you start it up it is ready to use!

Virus Removal
We can remove all viruses for a flat rate.  Not only will you know exactly how much it will cost will include repair of any hardware/software issues, optimization of your system and FREE Anti-Virus software!

Laptop Repair
Our techs are expertly trained in repair of your notebook computer.  We can fix a bad AC jack, replace a screen or battery and almost any other repair you may need.

Flat Rate 
Most of our service are offered at a flat rate.  Even though we call it an hourly rate we almost never charge more than our one-hour rate. 

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Click on the image when asked by a ComputerEze Technician.
The program will allow a technician to help you with your computer issue.  The program is completely uninstalled at the end of the session.


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