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 Business Productivity

Document Management

Ready To Take Business Productivity to the Next Level?
We help you optimize your businesses productivity and amplify the impact of your people using HP and Microsoft business productivity solutions— we offer desktop and server solutions, software and services to help streamline the way you and your people do business while increasing IT effectiveness.

Is a Paperless Office in your Future?
We provide our clients with the ability to store and retrieve documents in electronic formats using their existing network. Clients can then not only search for and retrieve information in a matter of seconds, but they can save on costly storage space, ensure document integrity and most importantly, reduce employee time spent searching through paper files for information. We partner with Westbrook Technologies to deliver their award-winning software to capture, index, store and retrieve their critical decision-making information from anywhere - instantly and securely.


Unified Communications

IP Video Surveillance

Looking For A Better Way To Communicate?
Business executives increasingly realize that enhanced business communications, employee productivity and customer service gives them a competitive edge. The challenge today is how to effectively deploy, manage and integrate all of these capabilities into a Unified Communications platform.



Want To Keep A Better Eye on Your Business?
By implementing a network-based video monitoring solution you can help secure the safety of people and places, or remotely monitor property and facilities, ComputerEze can meet your surveillance needs. We offer a full line of video surveillance products in order to provide you with the system and solution that best fits your needs and your budget. If you require the highest quality IP video resolution available then the AXIS Surveillance family of products is your best choice.

Network Security

Business Continuity

How Secure is your Network?
Network Security is one of the biggest problems faced by businesses today. Security threats are becoming increasingly sophisticated, seeking out critical business information such as confidential documents and customer data. These threats are targeting networks as well as endpoint devices such as mobile phones, PDAs, laptops, desktops and servers. ComputerEze has teamed with several security vendors to provide complete security solutions.


Could Your Business Survive a Data Disaster?
What happens if all of your office data is lost in a man-made or natural disaster? Do you have a disaster recovery plan in place to restore your companies information? ComputerEze can help you to prepare for the worst so that if it does happen your business will be able to survive where many other companies fail. We’ve partnered with Zenith Infotech and Agility Recovery to offer the best in Data Backup Protection and Business Continuity services.


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